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Believing in the power of interaction and partnership, JOIST creates an inclusive community of individuals operating within a purpose-built digital environment that supports and accelerates the progress of the entire community and each member individually.

The environment that hosts JOIST’s digital community offers opportunities for visibility, networking, collaboration and growth through a curated collection of features, tools, courses, events and news.

Within JOIST community you can:
  • Interact with innovators
  • Connect with experts from every sector
  • Establish new partnerships
  • Grow your own micro-community
  • Use tailor-made digital transformation tools for your business
  • Identify and improve business weaknesses
  • Highlight business strengths
  • Communicate your activities and achievements
  • Offer special benefits and discounts on your services
  • Share ideas
  • Stay informed and up to date
JOIST's digital community consists of:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startupers
  • Members of organizations
  • Scientists and academics
  • Innovation and growth enthusiasts from all over Europe and beyond

We welcome new members daily, as there is always space for anyone who shares the same passion for innovation and aims to become an active part of our community.