We Create Magical, Vibrant Christmas Balls

Saturday 17 December | 16:00 - 20:00
Future Learning Lab of JOIST Innovation Park
Group Registrations: 20€


In JOIST’s new festive educational workshop, children from 9 to 13 years old let their imagination run wild, get inspired by the Christmas spirit and make Christmas balls. But… Surprise! Not with the usual materials! Or, perhaps, with no materials at all? Shhhh, we’re not telling you yet how… It’s magic!

In the role of elves, our instructors guide children to create the 3D digital ball of their dreams, which reveals itself and comes to life when any mobile device with a camera focuses on a paper representation of it. In this way, children learn about Augmented Reality (AR) and use it to express their creativity in a Christmas spirit.

After the completion of the workshop, all children will take their paper ball with them, decorate their Christmas tree or their room with it and can show everyone their magical creation.