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Group Visits
from 1.10.2023 to 30.06.2024

Every school class, tutoring class and student group is welcome at JOIST Innovation Park. Innovation Paths for Groups are educational tours specifically designed to introduce children to new technologies and entrepreneurship.

During JOIST group visits, students from first grade of primary through third grade high school learn to use advanced technologies as tools for creativity and foster an entrepreneurial spirit as they:

The Objective

To unleash the creative potential of the new generation by familiarising them with advanced technologies and the principles of entrepreneurship, expanding their potential in each field of application.


At JOIST Innovation Paths for Groups we follow the Composite Approach. We start from the “big” picture and inspiration to arrive at the “small” learning objectives of the workshops, providing integrated learning:

We activate children’s interest by presenting the “big problem or challenge” and the “why”, so that they can then motivate themselves and search together with their instructors for the “what” and “how”.

Innovation Path
in New Technologies

Ages: 1st grade primary school – 3rd grade high school
Duration: 2 hours (within the educational programme)
Cost: 5€/ student

Technological sciences are presented in an applied way to students and fascinate them in all their modern dimension! Children learn about Virtual and Augmented Reality technology, 3D Design and Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Surfaces and Robotics. They are trained to be able to develop their own VR and AR applications, to design and print 3D objects, to create and interact with AI algorithms and to program their own robot.

The workshops of the educational route:

Ages: 1st grade primary school – 2nd grade

Tour of the exhibition From the Wheel to AI: A Brief History of Innovation, Part III – 1st and 2nd Industrial Revolution”. With the guidance of expert guides, children interact with the interactive exhibits in the exhibition and understand the technological wonders of this period, such as the mechanization of production, textile manufacturing, the introduction of steam engines and mass production techniques, as well as the contributions of inventors and scientists such as James Watt, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie.

Ages: 3rd grade – 3rd high school

At the same time, older children learn how the first two industrial revolutions transformed societies. They learn how they affected people’s lives, shaped new social classes and contributed to the development of consumer culture, the changing role of women and the increasing influence of the media in shaping public opinion.

Ages: 1st – 3rd Grade primary school

Children engage in collaborative programming activities using the innovative DuckyCode technology, even without a computer. They construct friendly robots and program them using magnetic commands via mobile devices.

Ages: 4th grade Primary School – 2nd grade Middle School

Students are introduced to Virtual Reality technology, learning about 3D graphics and creating their first virtual world of their own using Virtual Reality application development software designed specifically for children.

Ages: 3rd grade middle school – 3rd grade high school

Children learn the basic principles of AI and watch in practice the creation and training of an AI model using free technology tools. This is a hands-on experience of using and experimenting with the technology of the future, during which students understand its applications and cultivate skills to continue exploring its exciting field.

Ages: 1st grade – 3rd grade primary school

Η τεχνολογία στα πόδια των παιδιών! Οι μαθητές παίζουν και αλληλεπιδρούν με το διαδραστικό πάτωμα, μέσα από μια πληθώρα διασκεδαστικών δραστηριοτήτων που ακονίζουν τις κιναισθητικές δεξιότητες τους.

Ages: 4th grade primary school – 2nd grade middle school

Students get hands-on experience with Augmented Reality. The instructor familiarizes children with AR technology, introduces relevant educational applications and invites them to test their functionality with the rest available mobile devices of JOIST.

Ages: 3rd grade middle school – 3rd grade high school

A unique Virtual Reality experience, specially designed for students! Children become familiar with the capabilities of VR technology in its full range of applications, from entertainment to science, and get inspired.

Innovation Path
in Entrepreneurship

Ages: 1st grade middle school – 3rd grade High school
Duration: 3 hours (within the educational programme)
Cost: 5€/ student

Join us on an exciting journey into the world of entrepreneurship and technology! JOIST brings for the first time ever the innovative educational program “JOIST Entre Path” to students aged 14 to 18. Based on the EntreComp European Qualifications Framework, the program offers a dynamic learning experience aiming to inspire students to engage with entrepreneurship in a creative, multifaceted way, equipping them with the key entrepreneurial skills to prepare for the rapidly changing professional landscape of the future.

The skill development areas of the learning path:

From the conception of a business idea to its implementation

Children learn to use their imagination and skills to identify opportunities and develop their own creative and purposeful ideas. They envision but also learn to assess the impact and risk of their actions. They develop financial and economic expertise, get inspired, excited, and collaborate. They are encouraged to believe in themselves, to evolve constantly, and not to give up. They learn to prioritize, organize, and learn by doing through their own experience, culminating in the realization of their own business idea at the end of the program.

Creativity and innovation through the use of technological tools

Children learn about new technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Design, and Printing. They are guided to program their own applications, design and print 3D objects, train their own AI algorithms, and direct their own videos—from script creation to promotion—in order to effectively promote their business ventures.


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