Hack the Map in Larissa: Explore & Create a Unique Multimedia Map

Saturday 6 May | 11:00-13:00 & Sunday 7 May | 11:00-14:00
Future Learning Lab | JOIST Innovation Park & Historic Centre of Larissa
Group Registrations: 30€


Hack the map in Larissa! We invite you to join us for a unique tour of the historic city centre, aiming to hack its map and create a unique multimedia world using 3D scans and other interesting data in just two days.

On the second day of the workshop, we will return to the Future Learning Lab of JOIST Innovation Park in a specially designed augmented reality (AR) environment to process the data and create a modern map of the historical centre of Larissa.

This interactive two-day program is designed for curious and creative teenagers aged 12 to 17. However, older individuals interested in exploring their city and creating a unique map that reflects their own vision of it are also welcome to participate.

The workshop aims to teach participants how to utilize new technologies and tell a story in their own unique way, letting their imaginations run wild. It encourages collaboration and fosters creativity by using technology to solve problems. Throughout the two-day workshop, participants will learn about using applications that collect data through 3D scanning and photography. They will then import this data into an augmented reality (AR) environment to create a unique map of downtown Larissa based on their open and innovative perspective.


The workshop activities are divided into two days:

Day 1 - Explore the City

Meeting place: JOIST Innovation Park (15' before the start)

On the first day, participants and the instructor will start the route to the city’s historical centre after receiving the necessary instructions and a map so that they can tour the area together. During the tour, they learn about the history and culture of Larissa and record 3D scans, photographs and other notes of interesting details and hidden “treasures” they come across.

Day 2 - Workshop at the Future Learning Lab

Meeting place: the Future Learning Lab of JOIST

On the second day, participants will work together to create a unique map of the city based on their observations and the data they recorded the previous day, using new technologies and appropriate software. They will learn how to use special programs to convert their collected data into 3D objects and import them into an AR environment to create their map. They will be encouraged to add their personal touch and creativity to the map and to share and develop their ideas.

Athanasios Katsougiannis is a designer, coder and educator. His design practice focuses on connecting digital and analog interactions in our everyday lives. He creates websites, design tools and experiences that disrupt user habits and explores the boundaries of new technologies and their unique functions that will bring life to the static world around us.