To the Moon & Back: Knowing & Observing the Moon

11.07.2022 | 20:00
Central Amphitheatre, Exhibition Area & JOIST Environment Area


Have you ever wondered how the Moon, our natural satellite, was used by ancient civilisations to keep and record time? And what were the reasons why our ancient ancestors started recording time? What does the Antikythera Mechanism, humanity’s first analogue computer, have to do with all this? And ultimately, where did the gear come from? Could the simple cycle have contributed to the evolution of all humanity?

Seeking creative answers to these and many other questions about the innovation of astronomy, time measurement and construction, the JOIST Innovation Park, in collaboration with the Social Cooperative Enterprise “Enastron” School of Astronomy, is organizing an evening dedicated to the Moon and a special tour of the exhibition “From the wheel to artificial intelligence: a brief history of innovation”, on Monday 11 July 2022 at 8:00 pm.

Let’s reposition ourselves against what we take for granted, explore the importance of the cycle in human thought and how it has influenced the evolution of astronomical ideas. We will learn how the Moon was created, what are the features of its surface, its seas, mountains, highlands and craters, examine the geometry of eclipses and how certain cosmic coincidences contribute to the occurrence of rare and spectacular celestial phenomena.

We will traverse 4,500 years of history with stops at the hologram of an ancient Sumerian, the evolution of the wheel, a model of the Antikythera Mechanism from the Heracleides Museum, a 3D printer, and observe the Moon through a telescope, taking an amazing journey through the history of innovation.