20th Larissa Developers Meetup

05.07.2022 | 19:30-21:30
Amphitheatre of JOIST Innovation Park


Larissa Developers Meetup is making a reboot at JOIST.

The first Larissa Developers Meetup took place a few years ago in the city of Larissa following the example of other developer groups around the world. The most important result of the first meeting was the beginning of the development of an open community consisting of Software Developers, UI/UX Engineers, Graphics Designers, Data Scientists and people who love new technologies.

The Larissa Developers community that was created, embraced the initiative, organizing subsequent meetings at regular intervals. Over 3 years, 19 thematic meetings were held, with the last one concluding just before the pandemic. The theme of each meetup is different and arises from the members themselves and their needs. Those who wish can participate in the meetings and present a topic they are familiar with. Meetups, apart from the predefined topics they present, are an excellent opportunity for networking and extroversion of the participants.

This year, the community is back in full force, and JOIST Innovation Park is pleased to host the 20th Larissa Developers Meetup on Game Studio & PHP 8.

There are infinite ways to start an Indie Gaming Studio, but there are a few that are best avoided. Alexander Vasileiou, an experienced Web Developer and Junior Businessman, will share with us at this year’s Larissa Developers Meetup three stories from his startup that if he could take things from the beginning, he would probably deal with differently.

Next, Alexandros Koutroulis, Software Engineer, will talk about what’s new in PHP 8 – the good, the bad and the ugly – along with small examples of how to use it to make our lives easier. Finally, it will also present some common problems we encounter when migrating from PHP 7.

After the presentations, participants will continue their discussions in small groups at JOIST.