Wine Tasting Evening

Thursday 22 December | 18:00 - 20:30
Amphitheater of JOIST Innovation Park


How is the “Christmas Wine” made? How do we assess the quality characteristics of a wine by tasting it? How do we describe it and where do we classify it? Find all the answers at the Wine Tasting Night at the JOIST Innovation Park.

We welcome you with a glass of mulled wine Glühwein, the ultimate festive Christmas drink and explain the secrets of its preparation.

Then, through a specially designed two-hour workshop for wine lovers, the specialized team of the wine analysis laboratory “Must Chemistry” introduces us to the way we assess the qualitative characteristics of wine through our senses (visual, olfactory and gustatory impression):

  • Colour and appearance of the wines.
  • Aroma of wines.
  • Mouth flavours and aromas of the wines.
  • Factors affecting the organoleptic characteristics of wines.
  • Descriptive analysis of white and red dry wines – visual impression and aftertaste – of the most representative Greek varieties.
  • Ageing wines and wines with specific defects.