A Great Collaboration between JOIST Innovation Park and Creative Valley in France for the Expansion of the Ecosystem with Startups and Companies vbouronikos June 19, 2023

A Great Collaboration between JOIST Innovation Park and Creative Valley in France for the Expansion of the Ecosystem with Startups and Companies

A novel transnational agreement has been established, bolstering the transfer of innovation and fostering entrepreneurial growth. The President of JOIST Innovation Park, Tasos Vasiliadis, met and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Founder and CEO of the Incubator for Startups Creative Valley, Yann Gozlan, at Station F in Paris, which is one of the largest incubators and startup campuses in the world.

Following the initiative of the French Embassy in Greece and the mediation of Chrysa Voulgaraki, Director of the French Institute of Larissa, the synergy between JOIST and Creative Valley has officially started. This is one of the most important collaborations that the Innovation Park has been developing in the last period, as it opens new common paths with one of the most dynamic startup ecosystems in France, Creative Valley.

JOIST Innovation Park

JOIST Innovation Park is a phygital ecosystem that fosters innovation and knowledge transfer through a strong network across Europe. JOIST Community members share knowledge and experience, building a dynamic ecosystem of partners through which new pathways are created.

Creative Valley Incubator

Operated by Creative Cluster a non-profit organisation Creative Valley is an incubator and innovation Community aiming to accelerate the growth of startups. By providing maximum support through acceleration programmes, it encourages collaboration between teams and the exchange of knowledge and experience. It specialises in areas such as Deep Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Fintech, Art, Smart Cities, Agrotech, etc. and considers creativity and diversity as essential elements for developing successful startups.

Within the framework of his mission to Paris, Tasos Vasiliadis participated in meetings with key stakeholders and company representatives to develop the Innovation Park’s phygital ecosystem and expand its activities.

More specifically, he met with Foued Abdelslam Kefif, Founder of MIDDLE X and discussed the potential for expansion into the Middle East and, in particular, offering innovative solutions to companies and organizations based in that region through the new JOIST Marketplace service and others, as well as with Matthieu Petit Guillaume, Owner and Chief Innovation Officer of Leviatan, with whom they focused on partnership opportunities.

Meetings were also held with Sébastien Imbert, currently CMO of Microsoft France, and about to start his own company YKARIA to exchange views on the new innovative platform for technology services that JOIST is preparing to launch in the next period.

Furthermore, a new communication path was established with Fabrice Imbault, CEO of Groupe Magellim and A Plus Finance. Together with the President of JOIST, they devised a strategic plan for collaboration in the establishment of novel innovation parks in France and other European nations. A Plus Finance, being one of the leading investment funds in the thriving real estate sector, is currently witnessing remarkable expansion.

JOIST Innovation Park is committed to the ongoing growth of its phygital ecosystem through winning partnerships that actively foster the proliferation of innovation and provide valuable support  to startups and businesses.