Office 04: The Machine ied_admin July 26, 2022

Private Office Spaces


Between “The Strategist” office and the R.E.M. lab, “The Machine” private office is a fully equipped workspace of 7.05 sq.m., overlooking the surrounding area of JOIST.

Office features and amenities
  • Total area: 7.05 sq.m.
  • Office equipment, office guest chairs, air conditioning and the maximum Internet connection speed supported by JOIST.
  • Access to all available shared spaces.
  • Issuance of a JOIST membership card with a 20% discount on all services provided during the period of the office's rental.
  • Free use of meeting rooms, up to 2 hours per week.
  • Use of JOIST's networking and interconnection software.
  • Free drip coffee for you from ENJOIST cafe.
  • Daily cleaning services.

The office is available from one to six months.