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Every school class is welcome in the Innovation Park, which is why we designed the JOIST Innovation Labs for Schools, the first technology labs for students, for school visits.

At JOIST Innovation Labs for Schools, children from 4th grade to 3rd grade learn to use advanced technologies as tools for creativity as they:

We support and contribute to every school’s effort to demonstrate how advanced technologies are used by science and culture.


To unleash the creative potential of the new generation by familiarising them with advanced technologies, expanding their potential in every field of application.


At JOIST Innovation Labs for Schools we follow the Advanced Approach. We start from the “big” picture and inspiration to arrive at the “small” learning objectives of the workshops.

We activate children’s interest by presenting the “big problem or challenge” and the “why” so that they can then become internally motivated and seek together with their teachers the “what” and “how”.

JOIST Innovation labs for Schools provide complete:

Thematic Workshops

The three thematic workshops included in the school visits highlight the importance of cooperation and interaction of different sciences and disciplines in creation to transmit the value of democratic coexistence and respect in the school community.

Content of the Workshops:

Tailored to the age group of students (Primary, Secondary and High School).

Duration: 2.5 hours (within the training programme)

Participants: Up to 50 students at a time.

1. Inspire Lab: I am inspired

Tour of the exhibition “From the Wheel to AI: A Brief History of Innovation, Part II – Byzantium, Medieval West, Renaissance”. The exhibition is divided into 3 rooms-units, in each of which a special guided tour and a short educational programme is conducted by the guides.

1st Room
Byzantine Empire

The hologram of Empress Theodora narrates the transition from the Roman to the Byzantine Empire and highlights the period’s innovations.

2nd Room
Medieval West

The passage from the Middle Ages of the East (Byzantium) to the Middle Ages of the West and analysis of the innovations of the era through exhibition scenography. Through animated video, the territorial variations in the West during the Middle Ages are analysed.

3rd Room

The importance of the Renaissance for science, art and innovation is highlighted through the study of Leonardo da Vinci’s overall work and the evolution of printing. It analyses the third dimension and how man began to depict it in painting, watching a 3D printer printing Adam’s hand.

2. Experience workshop: Experience

Children experience a unique Virtual Reality experience. The teacher introduces the children to Virtual Reality and describes the scientific fields in which it is applied.

Then students over 13 years old wear virtual reality glasses (Oculus Quest 2) and are divided into groups of 4, where, with the guidance and constant supervision of the instructor, they experience virtual reality for 1-2 minutes. Students under 13 years old only watch the demonstration of the above applications by the instructor, via screen.

Benefits to children:

3. Create Lab: Create

Children create their first 3D object using special software and build their confidence as they understand they can create magical 3D worlds.

Drawing inspiration from the exhibition and the Inspire Lab, the students create a 3D castle. The trainer shows them the software and guides them appropriately, encouraging them to add their creative touch.

Benefits to children:

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Participation Cost:

5€ per student