Augmented Reality | Bring your Paintings to Life & Play on the JOIST Interactive Floor

Starting date: Friday 27 October 2023
Duration: every Friday until 22 March | 17:30 - 19:30
VR Area


In the new interactive, educational programme of the Innovation Park, the young innovators of the future develop their fine motor skills and kinesthetic intelligence by participating in the most fun Augmented Reality (AR) activity.

Children from 1st to 4th grade will learn how to bring their paintings to life through an AR app. Each lesson covers a different topic depending on the group’s interests, we draw and learn about dinosaurs, butterflies, flowers, football and other sports and games in a fun way on the interactive floor at JOIST.

3D Paintings

Children paint pictures with natural colours and bring them to life with Augmented Reality technology. Shhhh we’re not even telling you how… it’s magic! Young innovators develop their fine motor skills, learn about Augmented Reality and use it creatively to express their artistic talent. Their painting comes to life through the tablet screen, and they can see it in 3D with the same colours they used in the physical painting. That way, they can enjoy a new educational experience using AR technology and have fun learning about humans, animals, space and cultures.

Interactive Floor & Play

A fun world… at our feet! An interactive floor and a plethora of amazing games for our little ones. With the aim to develop their kinesthetic skills, children play the piano with their feet, clean a river of rubbish, discover dinosaurs and participate in countless amazing activities.

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