Chrysa Katsarini “Blanket”

10 December 2022 | 21:30
Amphitheater of JOIST Innovation Park
Pre-sale Online & at JOIST


After the first successful season of her show with sold-out performances at the Athenaïs Theatre, a tour in 31 cities in Greece and 11 cities in Europe, Chrysa Katsarini returns to Larissa at the JOIST Innovation Park on Saturday, December 10 at 21:30.

After “Everything I hold dear”, her first solo stand-up comedy show, she returns with the darkest, confessional and yet hilarious performance she has written so far, “Blanket”.

He takes on homophobes, sexists and stupid advice to women on how not to become rape victims. She makes fun of NASA, looking for space comedians and the doctors who operated on her. She has the solution to get out of every fight and carries a blanket to get out of everything else.

She tries to turn the darkest stories of her life into laughter to prove that anything can be made funny and that the most effective way to catharsis is not through tragedy but through comedy.

Tickets are on sale daily and through the secretariat of JOIST Innovation Park.

Suggested audience arrival time on the day of the performance: 21:00