Citizenship: The Role of Youth, Participatory Budgeting & Democracy

Tuesday 20 June 2023 | 17:00 - 19:30
Future Learning Lab


On the occasion of the continuation of the conference on the future of Europe, a response to overcome the crisis that occurred during the pandemic is being explored, which should be the result of the participatory action of the various social partners, civil society and the decision-making bodies of a given state.

The search for an appropriate response to overcome the crisis that emerged during the pandemic should result from the participatory engagement of the various social partners, civil society and state decision-makers.

The presentation “Citizenship: The Role of Youth, Democratic Participation, Participatory Budgeting & Processes” is organized to start a dialogue on democratic citizen participation in the electoral process and other structural processes of society at the local and national levels. The participation of people from different social groups and with various roles will help us to get an overall picture of the situation and conclude how it is affected in a crisis like the pandemic.

For this purpose, the material developed to inform and engage educators and employees with youth will be presented to provide them with more targeted information on the approach we propose through the project and the platform with which young people can implement the participatory budgeting methodology through electronic means. The platform will enable young people to actively participate by submitting their ideas and joining teams to train and develop their ideas as a project through the participatory budget.

The event is organised by Institute for Entrepreneurship Development, in the framework of the CERV and Erasmus+ programmes of the European Union. Learn more about the objectives of YUPAD and HEARD projects.

Upon completion of the presentation, a certificate of attendance will be given to all participants.

17:00 - 17:15

| Arrival & Welcome of Participants

17:15 - 17:25

| Greetings by Vasilios Hadjikamagiannis, Head EUROPE DIRECT, Region of Thessaly

17:25 - 17:45

| Presentation by Fotini Mysirli, President of the Municipal Youth Council

17:45 - 18:05

| Presentation by Sotiris Serdenis, External Associate of the Municipality of Larissa for the LocalEUCharter Project

18:05 - 18:25

| Presentation by Kleanthis Syrakoulis, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, University of Thessaly

18:25 - 18:45

| Presentation by Stella Prokopiou, Agronomist - Surveyor, PhD Candidate, Department of Business Administration, University of Thessaly

18:45 - 18:55

| Presentation by Irakleia Alevra, Project Manager of the HEARD Project

18:55 - 19:05

| Presentation by Vaia Kyratzouli, Project Manager of the YUPAD Project

19:05 - 19:30

| Open Discussion