Educating in Innovation

Thursday 1 December 2022
Friday 2 December 2022
Central Amphitheater, Future Learning Lab, VR, Exhibition Space, Meeting Room & Coworking Space of JOIST Innovation Park


The pandemic has significantly affected the whole society, and one of the sectors most affected is public administration. From the start, digital transformation was strongly triggered throughout the public sector at the central, regional and local levels.

The conference entitled “Educating in Innovation” aims to highlight the importance of innovation in the public sector, highlighting excellent and applicable practices developed and implemented in Greece or other countries that public bodies and organisations can use. It deals with innovation in Greece and public administration, particularly concerning the digital transformation of operations and services.

At the same time, it highlights the catalytic role of education and training in the new era and the importance of enhancing the skills of civil servants. It then highlights good practices from the eHealth sector and overall digital transformation in small and local communities.

Participants of the conference are executives of public administration, representatives of local government and education, academics and businesses offering innovative solutions to public sector organisations.

The first day of the conference, Thursday 1 December, will take place in the Regional Council Hall of Thessaly, on Kallisthenous and Theofrastou Street in Larissa, while the second day will be held at the JOIST Innovation Park.