From the Wheel to Artificial Intelligence: A Brief History of Innovation – PART I

26 May 2022 - 15 November 2022
JOIST Innovation Park Exhibition Space
Guided Tour: 2€
(upon telephone contact)


From the first agricultural revolution and the invention of the wheel to the 4.0 revolution and artificial intelligence, JOIST creates a modular exhibition that explores the concept of innovation historically and conceptually.

Over 24 months, JOIST’s exhibition space will host four “stops in time” exhibitions, exploring the needs that have led people to innovate over the centuries, what environments are conducive to innovation, and why societies embrace or not, innovative ideas.

Each exhibition will combine new technologies and unique exhibits, and will be accompanied by a rich programme of events that promote the development and understanding of innovative thinking, based on the concept of EduTainment!


From 26 May to 15 November, the public will have the opportunity to visit the first part of the modular exhibition, dedicated to the wheel and the gear, produced and curated by JOIST Innovation Park, in collaboration with the Herakleidon Museum. The exhibition is divided into three rooms, where the exhibits and special constructions historically span 3,500 years. In the first room, visitors meet Eanatum from the Mesopotamian city of Lagash; in the second, a 3D animation and construction that recounts the evolution of the wheel and gears; and in the third room, a dummy of the Antikythera Mechanism awaits them, with an explanatory video from the Heracleides Museum, as well as a 3D printer that connects the technology of then and now.

The exhibition experiments with new technologies and museological approaches, creating a theatrical exhibition environment. It is aimed at audiences of all ages, as its goal is to help young and old alike to rediscover, in new ways, the world we live in!

Visitors can tour the exhibition on their own or with a guide. For tour reservations, please contact us by phone at +302410 234422 or by e-mail at


Exhibition curator: Klairi Bakoura

Historical Research: Alexandros Touloumtzidis

Visual Design: Christos Papadimitriou

In the role of Eanatum (Hologram): Iraklis Tzafetas

Additional Texts, Hologram Script: Giannis Markatos

Printing – Construction: Chroma Print