Making Entrepreneurship & Education a Priority

20.09.2022 | 18:00-20:00
Amphitheatre of JOIST Innovation Park


The concepts of entrepreneurship and education are directly linked to the personal and professional development of young people. To effectively develop entrepreneurial skills, both continuous education and the development of individual competencies are necessary.

Based on the current business requirements and those of the future professionals, this event wants to highlight and inform about the social entrepreneurship, business ideas financing, non-formal education, adult education, and the importance of self-evaluation.

The event participants will gain insights on how to exploit business opportunities, learn new training ways for the modern era, and have access to specialised training material.

The event is organised by the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, in the framework of the ENTRANCE, EYES, U-SOLVE, ConnectIng and Exchangeing, REBUILD and REFLECT EU projects, co-funded by the Erasmus+ and ENI CBC MED programmes of the European Union.

18:00 - 18:15

| Welcome Remarks

18:15 - 18:30

| ENTRANCE Business Toolkit: An Open Course on Entrepreneurship
| Speaker: Evangelia Karathanasi, Project Manager of ENTRANCE

18:30 - 18:45

| Social Entrepreneurship & Youth: Engagement & Networking
| Speaker: Vaia Kiratzouli, Project Manager of EYES

18:45 - 19:00

| Presentation of the U-SOLVE Open Call for Financing of Business Ideas
| Speaker: Thomas Chalatsis, Project Manager of U-SOLVE

19:00 - 19:15

| Non-formal Education of Youth: New Methods and Approaches
| Speaker: Marios Emmanouil, Project Manager of Connecting and Exchangeing

19:15 - 19:30

| Adult Education: Introduction & Basic Terms
| Speaker: Evangelia Karathanasi, Project Manager of REBUILD

19:30 - 19:45

| Self-reflection and Evaluation Tools
| Speaker: Vaia Kiratzouli, Project Manager of REFLECT

19:45 - 20:00

| Conclusions & Q&A