Robotics/STEM at the Innovation Park | Educational Program for Children 6-15 years old

Start date: Monday 23 October 2023
Duration: every Monday until 10 June 2024 | 17:30 - 19:00
Future Learning Lab
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Educational recreational activities for the innovators of the future start at JOIST, always in high quality team-based educational activities, with new modern teaching and training methods. With respect for children and parents, we approach the future today and see happy children discovering the world and cultivating new skills through high-quality workshops.

Already our idea of what is scientifically, technologically and mechanically possible is expanding every day and we see that the world around us is evolving beyond what we can imagine! The aim of the STEM/Robotics workshops includes, among other things, the enjoyable and creative “preparation” of children for their active participation in this new reality.

As we explore the magical world of discovery learning, children experience the joy of real creativity through crafts that solve real-world problems, develop creative intelligence and acquire necessary 21st-century skills: Creativity, collaboration, the ability to solve original problems, critical thinking, self-confidence, trust and emotional intelligence.

Workshop Description & Program Objectives

We implement a proven curriculum in collaborative labs, which is:

  • Based on real-world STEM projects (Real World Robotics)
  • Based on modern learning theories (pedagogical and technocratic)
  • Inspires and actively engages children in teams, ensuring full participation of all in specially designed exemplary spaces and workspaces
  • Exceeds international standards (educational, logistical, pedagogical)
  • Ensures modern, quality, quality and adequate infrastructure and resources for all children
  • Uses a different educational platform and robotics kits suitable for their age.

The children:

  • Μαθαίνουν και κατανοούν εις βάθος τί είναι ρομπότ, ρομποτική, STEM και καθένα από τα πεδία του.
  • Identify the individual components of the laboratory course equipment.
  • Fully understand each project and the equipment (hardware/software) that will be used.
  • Organise and share tasks and responsibilities as team members (with a complete “project plan”).
  • They build from scratch every mechanism – example “a smart car with autonomous parking”, “Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence” (Software Engineering), “Moving everywhere in space without going anywhere” (AR/VR), “kit to measure the quality of classroom conditions” (Mechatronics)
  • They distinguish functions as they improve their build by experimenting with all the parameters.
  • From 23 October and every Monday, from 17:30 to 19:00, the Robotics / STEM class starts at the Innovation Park, in collaboration with CityLab. The STEM/Robotics workshops are addressed to all students from 1st grade to 3rd grade, with specific content and specifications per age. We start with Robotics, Mechatronics and Computer Science and we are waiting for you!

A few words about CityLab:

CityLab is a specialized STEM centre that has been providing exclusive STEM workshops since 2014. All workshops are designed and carried out by a team of scientists or engineers with undergraduate or postgraduate studies in one or more STEM fields: physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. CityLab produces workshops and educational curricula based on real-world projects and aims to make high-quality creations that solve real problems around us.

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