The GlassRoom

Grand opening:
Thursday 16.11.2023 | 11:30

Duration of the Exhibition:
16.11.2023 - 15.12.2023
Agora Αμφιθέατρο & Future Learning Lab


The Glassroom interactive exhibition has travelled to 61 countries worldwide, with 471 award-winning events and more than 350,000 visitors worldwide. The exhibition has been created by Tactical Tech, while the organization in Greece is undertaken by Digital Detox Experience, Homo Digitalis and OpenLab Athens. In Greece, it was first hosted in November 2022 at the National Library of Greece, and a year later, it comes to Larissa, where it will be hosted for one month at the JOIST Innovation Park.

The exhibition is addressed to:

  • Young people aged 13 to 18
  • All adult users of new technologies and social media.
  • Digital platform and application designers.

The GlassRoom – Misinformation Edition: an impressive, unique, interactive exhibition focusing on the internet, misinformation, respect and privacy in the modern digital age. The exhibition’s main objective is to convey to the public, through educational posters and interactive activities with new technologies, the concept of misinformation and how it is formed, evolved and disseminated in the digital space. In addition, it clarifies the role of business models in large digital platforms in this process.

Fake or real news? How easily can we detect misinformation? What is misinformation? Is the development of critical thinking an important weapon in identifying misinformation, but without narrowing our thinking towards technology and its various aspects? What is deepfake technology, and how does it work? Can we protect our privacy and stay safe in cyberspace? What is the role of new technologies and social media in shaping our culture, democracy and the culture of modern societies? How are subjects positioned in the new – mediated – reality of new technologies?

These are questions that the exhibition aims to shed light on in order to create a safety net for every user of new technologies and digital platforms. The exhibition will also contribute significantly to fostering a critical mindset among users about the management of the information they encounter on social media and the internet.

The GlassRoom – What the Future Wants Edition: an interactive exhibition focusing on youth, presenting different aspects of technology seen from a personal, political and global perspective.

How does technology affect our attention, our data, our rights, our societies and the environment we live in? This exhibition is an opportunity for young people to stop and reflect on what it means to grow up in a digital world, ask critical questions about technology, and identify what they want to protect and what they want to change in their digital future.

What the Future Wants, developed alongside 200 young people aged 13 to 18, explores key questions at the heart of young people’s digital experience – What is it like to grow up in a digital world? How does this affect you? And in your digital future, what would you like to change and protect?

Visiting the exhibition will help:

  • Understanding how personal data shared by users on various digital platforms is used to create their profile. Are users being targeted through specific content?
  • Decoding how each individual user participates through clicks, likes, shares, in the dissemination of misinformation material.
  • Identifying business models, design practices and online habits that create an environment conducive to the spread of misinformation. Can misinformation in such an environment go viral?
  • Understanding the process through which social media and the internet have transformed the way information is managed.

Throughout the exhibition there will be exhibits with which visitors can interact and better understand their relationship with technology. In addition, they will be able to critically evaluate the information shared daily through the devices they use and become more familiar with their apps and devices.


The exhibition was created by Tactical Tech, a Berlin-based non-profit organisation. Tactical Tech designs awareness-raising activities to make people think about how technology affects their lives and changes the world they live in.

In collaboration with Tactical Tech, the exhibition is brought to Greece by (in alphabetical order):

Digital Detox Experience

Digital Detox Experience aims to inform, raise awareness and educate people about digital balance to improve their lives.

Homo Digitalis

Homo Digitalis is the first NGO in Greece that aims to protect and promote digital rights, i.e. Human Rights in the modern era of the information society.

Open Lab Athens

Open Lab Athens is a research laboratory that deals with new technologies and research through participatory action and design.