Virtual Reality at JOIST: Play VR & Express Yourself in Another Dimension!

Tuesday 14, 21 & 28 February
19:00-19:30 & 19:30-20:00

Saturday 18 & 25 February
12:00-12:30 & 12:30-13:00
JOIST Innovation Park VR Arena


Creativity, learning, imagination and fun in a virtual environment of incredible possibilities. We play with VR and express ourselves in another dimension at JOIST!

Come and experience fantastic Virtual Reality worlds through the new educational activity of JOIST Innovation Park for children from 13 to 17 years old.

Children acquire unique interactive Virtual Reality experiences by playing with selected educational applications in our specially designed space. The instructor introduces children to basic concepts of 3D technology and Virtual Reality, their benefits, and their unique uses in science or other professional fields while guiding them to use VR masks safely.

The 21 available VR apps that kids can choose to play with a focus on the following:

  • Creative expression: we let our imagination run wild and create 3D artworks, worlds and graffiti in a virtual environment.
  • In Edutainment: We play the most popular Virtual Reality games with an educational character, according to our age (not including violent games).
  • In sports: the best sports and dance simulations are at your disposal, at JOIST.
  • In soft skills: We practice various soft skills through simulated scenarios and real-life situations.

During the activity, children develop their creativity, kinesthetic intelligence, visual-spatial skills, critical thinking and self-confidence.

Due to the limited number of seats, we encourage you to complete your registration in time.

Take a look at the educational VR games and choose the one you want:

1. Space Explorers: The ISS Experience
Become an astronaut and join an epic, thrilling series of four missions to the International Space Station as if you were actually there!
Theme: Space
Category: Edutainment

2. Titans of Space PLUS
How big is our solar system? Find the answer for yourself as you wander through it. Dare to visit some of the biggest known stars, planets, large moons and dwarf planets!
Theme: Space
Category: Edutainment

3. Hand Physics Lab
Have complete control of your hands and fingers in a virtual environment! Interact naturally with the virtual environment and many objects in various fun and creative activities, puzzles and games. Paint eggs with your fingers, build towers with cubes, use magnets in crafts, pet a virtual cat and more!
Theme: Natural Sciences
Category: Creative Expression

4. Lost Recipes
A satisfying and realistic cooking experience! Let your inner chef express himself by cooking in the traditional cuisines of the Mayan, ancient Greek and Chinese cultures. Ghosts of the time entrust you with transmitting their cultural heritage and invite you to learn their cooking techniques. Meet their expectations by cooking according to their instructions!
Theme: History, Cooking
Category: Edutainment

5. Bogo
Come and play with Bogo, your own virtual pet! A short fun experience for younger children caring, playing and interacting with a small animal.
Theme: Animals
Category: Soft Skills

6. Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pig
Explore a remote island where greedy green pigs are on holiday, and you must save yourself! Travel to exotic beaches, steep cliffs and snowy slopes and complete missions in the most spectacular ways.
Theme: Natural Sciences
Category: Edutainment

7. A Fisherman’s Tale
A whole new approach to the classic Angry Birds game! A thrilling Virtual Reality adventure where playing as a tiny fisherman’s puppet, you must perform missions that defy the laws of physics and solve adventurous puzzles.
Theme: Natural Sciences
Category: Edutainment

8. Librarium
One of the leading Virtual Reality apps that promote new ways of learning. Applying the principles of Game Theory to its design, it inspires children to play and return to their books in search of answers to questions they themselves create. It’s a new way of studying that helps us remember more… while having fun!
Theme: Natural Sciences
Category: Edutainment

9. Vermillion
It is time to discover the artist in you. It is a fully equipped oil painting studio, virtually, without any mess! Are you ready to experience an unrivalled sense of accomplishment through the creation of your first painting? Enjoy realistic colour mixing and a wide variety of brushes. Once you’re done, easily share your masterpiece online.
Theme: Design
Category: Creative Expression

10. First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator
The first tennis simulator is here! Now, you can play on a real tennis court and face professional tennis players in all the actual tournaments. Choose your course type and unleash all your techniques and skills to move up the rankings.
Theme: Tennis
Category: Sports

11. Gravity Sketch
Express your ideas with 3D strokes and geometric shapes, and solve complex design challenges by working directly in 3D at any scale. Collaborate with others in a shared virtual studio to share ideas and create together from anywhere in the world.
Theme: Design
Category: Creative Expression

12. Mondly: Practice Languages in VR
The most advanced way to practice language learning! Improve your speaking skills by getting instant feedback in an immersive language journey. Realistic dialogues inspired by real-life situations, in 30 languages.
Theme: Foreign Languages
Category: Edutainment

13. Cubism
A puzzle game where you assemble more and more complex shapes from colourful blocks! Immerse yourself in a zen environment and practice your spatial thinking through a variety of 90 puzzles that will blow your mind.
Theme: Design
Category: Creative Expression

14. Beat Saber
A unique game of relaxation through music! Players listen to music and depending on the rhythm of the music, they have to choose the right swords, move them in a specific direction and block the cubes heading towards them. The result? Players get into the rhythm, get energized and eventually dance non-stop! A unique library of collections of dynamic popular music for every taste awaits you for crazy dancing and relaxation.
Theme: Music, Dance
Category: Sports

15. Clash of Chefs VR
An amazing cooking game that will test your culinary skills as you race to become the world’s greatest chef! 80 levels, real-time and asynchronous competitors, and 4 unique restaurants with different recipes and ingredients. Cook the orders, serve and face your competitors.
Theme: Cooking
Category: Edutainment

16. Jurassic World

Jurassic World: Apatosaurus
For the first time, you can feel the presence of dinosaurs next to you, connect with them and feel awe at their beauty, size and wildlife.

Jurassic World: Blue
The natural devastation of the dinosaurs is a fact. Follow Blue, a highly intelligent Velociraptor, as she tries to survive. Witness her extraordinary sensory abilities as she searches for food and water and fights off some of the island’s most menacing predators.
Theme: History, Animals
Category: Edutainment

17. ForeVR Bowl
The premium bowling simulator! Are you ready for a casual game with friends, or are you prepared for a tough battle on the court? Explore and unlock unique balls and corridors, and choose the music you like to set up the perfect game for you.
Theme: Bowling
Category: Sports

18. Tilt Brush
Painting in 3D space! Unleash your creativity with 3D brushstrokes, stars and even fire. A unique experience of artistic expression with unlimited possibilities that takes off when the music that can be heard in the space makes the brushstrokes pulsate to its rhythm.
Theme: Design
Category: Creative Expression

19. Kingspray Graffiti
Create amazing street art yourself! You can cultivate your talent and skills and learn new styles with thousands of online artists from around the world. 12 realistic environments such as a courtyard, an alley, a rooftop and a metro station become your virtual canvas to express your inspiration.
Theme: Design
Category: Creative Expression

20. Google Blocks
Blocks make creating 3D models an easy and fun task for young and old alike. With just 6 tools you can create models as simple as a mug and as complex as a spaceship.
Theme: Design
Category: Creative Expression

21. Sculptr VR
Create huge, glittering worlds and explore them with your friends! Discover thousands of amazing creations in the interactive gallery and unleash your creativity by building with fun 3D object tools.
Theme: Design
Category: Creative Expression