Digital Transformation and Strategy vbouronikos April 8, 2022

Digital Transformation and Strategy

The digital transformation and strategy seek to make Europe digitally autonomous with the points of the digital compass as the guide.

The four points of the digital compass which have become targets of the European digital decade are: the digital skills, secure and sustainable digital infrastructures, digital transformation of businesses. Digitalization of public services.

In a few more words

Technology integration will greatly benefit the citizens’ lives, businesses, and the management practices.

However, to do that one’s approach must be a careful one to leverage the technological benefits with safety.

Thus, this proposal creates a sustainable framework of principles for the digital world that will empower the rights of EU citizens in accordance with the European values.

The path for the digital decade is the proposed action plan for the digital transition. It entails how to realize the idea of the digital transition with respect to values, the humancentric approach and sustainability that Europe follows.

The digital transformation and strategy approaches

There are various European initiatives encouraging the digital transformation in the region. Some of them are:

The NextGenerationEU

It is a short-term instrument to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. However, the combination of NextGenerationEU with other European funding programmes it shows the willingness to support with the aim to increase:

  • Europe’s adaptability to unstable conditions,
  • environmental protection,
  • resilience,
  • the digital transformation.
Digital Europe Program (DIGITAL)

DIGITAL is a strategic funding programme focusing on businesses, people, and the public services. It is a support programme for the problems caused by the pandemic and an initiative for the digital transformation. DIGITAL’s fields of interest are the following:

  • hypercomputing
  • AI applications,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Advanced digital skills,
  • The integration of technology in the economy and society via the Digital Innovation Hubs.
European Year of Youth 2022

The European Year of Youth 2022 is another initiative focusing on European youth to create a better future for everyone setting the environmental and digital standards.

The strategy for the digital transformation is an initiative with wider results contributing to Europe’s sustainable growth.

Finally, leveraging the advantages of systematic research and innovation are vital for the digital transformation and setting the strategy for the effective resolution of world challenges.