JOIST Innovation Park at the Pinios Festival 2024: A Celebration of Technology and Creativity vbouronikos June 19, 2024

JOIST Innovation Park at the Pinios Festival 2024: A Celebration of Technology and Creativity

JOIST Innovation Park announces its participation in the Pinios Festival 2024, one of the most important cultural events in the city of Larissa. From 19 to 21 June, JOIST will offer interactive activities combining technology with education and entertainment in the heart of Larissa at the bed of the river Pinios.

JOIST's Innovative Actions at the Pinios Festival

On the occasion of the Pinios Festival, JOIST Innovation Park has prepared four unique activities that aim to increase creativity, enhance interaction with new technologies, and cultivate environmental awareness. These activities are aimed at children, teenagers and young people, offering fun experiences of learning and expression.

1. Robot Artists: Create & Paint

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore the artistic side of robotics. They create and program small robots to paint unique works of art. This activity enhances imagination and creativity, offering an original experience of expression through technology.

2. Paintings That Come Alive: Discover Augmented Reality

Participants have the opportunity to create their drawings and see them come to life through Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This workshop offers a unique interactive experience, transforming children’s artwork into animations they can explore and interact with.

3. Art Studio: Explore & Create with Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality (VR) art studio allows participants to immerse themselves in a digital canvas. In this virtual studio, participants explore, create, and interact with 3D artworks, offering a unique experience of creativity and expression.

4. Young for our Community: Suggestions for a Green Future

This action encourages young people to think critically and propose solutions for a sustainable and greener future. Through discussions and exchange of ideas, participants will develop environmental awareness and propose innovative solutions to environmental issues in their community.

The Pinios Festival: A Celebration of Culture and Creativity

The Pinios Festival is an initiative that promotes culture and highlights the local artistic potential, while presenting what is new and interesting in the country and abroad. From 19 to 21 June, the festival allows citizens to participate in artistic and sporting events actively, express themselves creatively, and have fun.

With the festival revamped and upgraded, this year’s event includes the European Music Day on 21 June, further enhancing its cultural character.

Information and Contact Details

For more information about the Pinios Festival and the participation of JOIST Innovation Park, you can contact us at 2410 234422 or visit the Pinios Festival website.

The JOIST Innovation Park and its expert instructors will be waiting for you at the riverbed during the festival to discover, create, and have fun with modern technologies. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this unique celebration of technology and culture!