Workshop: Digital Transformation Τowards a Sustainable Agriculture vbouronikos October 20, 2023

Workshop: Digital Transformation Τowards a Sustainable Agriculture

Thessaloniki, October 20, 2023

farmB Digital Agriculture is organizing a Workshop entitled “Digital Transformation – towards a Sustainable Agriculture” on Friday, 27 October 2023, in Larissa.

A workshop that gives you the opportunity to learn, compare and compare, and
implement personalised, data-driven digital solutions, raising the
value of your agricultural business based on Sustainable Agriculture!

SMAF-Smart Agriculture Farming is a series of workshops organised in various European countries through the EIT Food (European Institute of Innovation and Technology). They aim to provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities associated with the diffusion of data-driven technology solutions for smart agriculture.

The workshop will present the latest in new technologies and their contribution to enhancing the production and market of agri-food products. At the same time, it will provide useful data/tools for understanding how the digital transformation of agricultural supply chains benefits the agri-food sector in terms of competitiveness, efficiency, quality, transparency, traceability and sustainability.

The shift towards Regenerative Agriculture, as a philosophy and approach to land management, invites us to consider how all aspects of agriculture can now be interconnected through a network of entities that develop, enhance, and exchange goods and services, transforming the hitherto linear functioning of the agri-food supply chain. Innovative digital solutions can effectively contribute to the transformation of agriculture by combining traditional practices with sustainability.

To this end, a variety of fragmented technological frameworks have already been developed to digitise the sector. However, the current challenge lies in integrating the existing technological frameworks used in modern digital agriculture and, furthermore, in building these unified, interconnected ecosystems towards the creation of metadata products. Also, the global trend of integrating artificial intelligence into all areas of human activity accelerates the need to extend the research objectives of modern agriculture towards fully exploiting the collected information.

Since the effectiveness of technological progress depends on the rate of adoption among users, especially small-scale farmers, it becomes crucial to cultivate specialised knowledge and skills to exploit the benefits of digital technologies in agriculture fully.


The conference is addressed to agri-food professionals and stakeholders involved in agricultural supply chain sectors: producers, suppliers, processors, consultants and those involved in the digital transformation of the sector. Its contents provide an overview of the technical and organisational challenges and opportunities associated with data-driven agribusiness. Working with established industry professionals/experts offers the opportunity to learn and implement customized solutions based on the specific needs of one’s reality.

A multidisciplinary and integrated approach will deepen knowledge on the following aspects:

    1. Business models based on digital technologies that add value to agricultural products.
    2. Data technologies to support decision making in agribusiness.
    3. Responsible data exchange and digital farming tools.
    4. Sustainability of the agricultural sector through the use of digital tools.


The workshop will take place in Larissa, Greece on 27 October 2023.

11:30-13:30 Demonstration in the Field 39.594280080672355, 22.46981124446565a
(area of Nikaia, behind IKEA Thessaly)
14:00-15:00 Social Lunch JOIST Innovation Park Larissa
15:00-19:30 Workshop


The event is organised by farmB in collaboration with the University of Turin through EIT Food.

For information:
e-mail: tel: +30 2316024922