JOIST Innovation Park in India vbouronikos May 18, 2023

JOIST Innovation Park in India

The President and Vice President of JOIST Innovation Park, Dr. Tasos Vasileiadis and Mr. Antonis Kiritsis, remaining faithful to their commitment to promote international relations that promote innovation and growth as well as to expand JOIST’s activities outside the boundaries of the capital of Thessaly, where it has been operating for the last year with significant work so far, recently visited India in search of strategic partners for the promotion of the organization’s services and growth.

At this point, we owe our sincere thanks to the Greek Embassy in India and the Honorable Ambassador Mr. Dimitrios Ioannou welcomed the JOIST delegates to New Delhi to share their vision and discuss JOIST and the important opportunities India offers. “Their visit [of the President and Vice-President of Joist] has been very productive in terms of synergies with other Indian counterparts and entities. We wish them good luck in their efforts

The Greek Embassy in India provided its full support to JOIST, bringing its representatives in contact with members of the Indian government, foreign diplomats and businessmen, both in private meetings and at the reception in honour of JOIST, held by the Chargé d’Affaires of the Greek Embassy in New Delhi, Mr. Alexandros Boudouris on 7 May 2023.

Tasos Vassiliadis meets Mr. Shitij Dewan during the reception of the Greek Embassy

India is now the most populous country in the world, which, combined with its high rate of economic growth, easily ranks as one of the fast-growing economic giants of the world. Similarly, its vast human capital, especially in the fields of technology and innovation, as well as the huge market demand for products and services, make it an ideal destination for foreign direct investment and international cooperation.

The interest in deepening economic relations and cooperation between Greece and India was rekindled this year at the International Economic Forum in Davos, where the Minister of State for Development and Investment, Mr. Christos Dimas met with the Secretary General for Innovation of India Mr. Anurag Jain, εκπροσώπους της επιχειρηματικής κοινότητα της Ινδίας και με εταιρίες που δραστηριοποιούνται στον τομέα της πληροφορικής και συζήτησε για συνεργασίες πάνω σε συγκεκριμένους άξονες.

Tasos Vassiliadis and Antonis Kiritsis in meetings with Mr. Shitij Dewan, Alok Jain, Dr. Aishvarya Raj and colleagues.

JOIST’s visit to India is an example of the renewed Greek-Indian interest in deeper economic cooperation between the two countries. Following JOIST’s visit to the Asian country, representatives of the business world from India will visit the Innovation Park in Larissa in the coming period to lay the first foundations for new partnerships.

During their stay in India, the President and Vice President of JOIST discussed the European Digital Innovation Hub Health Hub, the expansion of JOIST’s activities in India, the joint development of projects with counterparts in the country and the transfer of services from European to Indian companies and vice versa.

Tasos Vassiliadis and Antonis Kiritsis in a meeting with Mr. Shitij Dewan and Dr. Sudhir Mahajan IAS

The heads of the Innovation Park during their long stay in India met with Mr. Shitij Dewan, Secretary & Advisor to Government of Industry and Commerce, Foreign Associate Member, Federation of Nepali Consumer Protection (FNCP), Chief Strategist and Campaign Analyst, Political Strategy Group / People Pulse Hyderabad, Dr. Aishvarya Raj, Chief Executive Officer of National Board for Quality Promotion, Mr. Alok Jain, Director & Head of Quality Council of India, Dr. Sudhir Mahajan IAS, Chief Executive of National Cooperative Union of India, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Director of B.L Agro Industries Ltd, Mr. Kupil Kumpria, Chairman & Managing Director of Corporate Alliance Group, Mr. Rajesh Lal, Director & COO of Optimax Aces PVT.LTD, Mr. Amit Dhingra, Director of AAA Reality, Dr Maruti Sharma, Psychiatrist, University of Life Director.

Tassos Vassiliadis (left) and Alexandros Boudouris (right) with Indian businessmen

In addition to their plans for expansion in India, the JOIST President and Vice President brought with them wine labels from local producers in Thessaly, specifically from Domaine Miga of Dimitris Migas and the Charisma Winery by Kosmas Harismanidis, which were given as a gift so that the Indians could get to know the quality of Greek products and be introduced to the special flavours and aromas of Thessaly.

Dr. Maruti Sharma (αριστερά) και Αντώνης Κυρίτσης (δεξιά) δοκιμάζουν Θεσσαλικά κρασιά.

The President and Vice President of JOIST were fully satisfied with the contacts they made in India and are grateful for the valuable support they received from the Greek Embassy in New Delhi. With the new partnerships that the JOIST Innovation Park is planning, it is laying even stronger foundations for its consolidation as a key factor in supporting innovation within the country and internationally.