Wine and Chat 2: Women Entrepreneurship at JOIST Innovation Park vbouronikos November 14, 2023

Wine and Chat 2: Women Entrepreneurship at JOIST Innovation Park

Following the previous successful event on female entrepreneurship, JOIST Innovation Park organizes “Wine and Chat 2”, with the main objective of highlighting women’s entrepreneurship as a lever for development and the elimination of social stereotypes. The event will take place on Tuesday 14 November 2023, from 18:00 – 20:30, at JOIST and is open to the public.

In the context of the event, women entrepreneurs, with different business activities and different paths in business, share with the audience all the stages of their entrepreneurial journey, from the conception of their idea to its implementation. Questions related to the obstacles and difficulties faced by women entrepreneurs, the extent to which the existing institutional framework  in Greece contributes to supporting women’s entrepreneurial initiatives, and possible mechanisms to support women’s entrepreneurship will “find” answers. In addition to the testimonies of the women entrepreneurs, the labour advisor of DYPA, Maria Grigoriadou, will present to the audience the causes related to the gender gap in entrepreneurship and will also suggest ways to address it.

This event is addressed to:

  • Women, new entrepreneurs.
  • Women who have a business idea and want to start their own business.
  • Women who have been running their own business for years.
  • Any woman who wants to learn about business, interact and exchange views on the topic of women’s entrepreneurship.

At the end of the presentations and discussions, there will be time for getting to know each other and discussion between the participants.

The sponsors of the event are the bar “Lolita” and the Kardasi family, who will provide the drinks for the event.

The conference takes place in the framework of the project “U-SOLVE: Urban Sustainable Development Solutions Valuing Entrepreneurship” and is funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC MED Programme.

Admission to the event is free to the public. Learn more about the event and register: