How Renting a Virtual Office Can Boost Your Business vbouronikos September 9, 2022

How Renting a Virtual Office Can Boost Your Business

Every business has to start somewhere, and most of them start from home.

If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur in your first steps and looking for more independence, renting a virtual office may be what you are looking for.

But what exactly is a virtual office? And how does it benefit your business?

What is a virtual office?

Let’s begin by saying that are different opinions on what a virtual office really is.

Typically, a virtual office is part of the flexible workspace that began in the 1960s. It offers a combination of office services, space, or access to technology at an affordable price.

Virtual offices are low-cost office solutions. They allow businesses to operate without the physical presence of employees for practical and economic reasons,  since they save all maintenance and management costs.

Although a virtual office’s core idea is to enable remote work, there are virtual offices that also offer physical space, a co-working space, or just a conference/meeting room.

Most importantly, a virtual office is an address that you can use to run your business or use it as your tax residence.

Things to consider before choosing a virtual office

When choosing a virtual office, you have to consider two things. The convenience or the prestige you would like for your business.

For example, convenience is owning a business close to where you live. This way you can visit the premises whenever you need to work, meet with clients, or pick up your mail.

On the contrary, a prestigious office is one in a prime location, ideally next to other big businesses. This will give the impression of an established and successful business.

The benefits of a virtual office

A virtual office can have many benefits for businesses, but these are some of the basic ones:

  1. Save money;
  2. create a professional image;
  3. improve productivity;

Let’s have a more thorough look at how a virtual office manages the above.

Renting a virtual office is more affordable

When you rent a virtual office, you don’t have to pay for all of the extra services that come with an actual brick-and-mortar location.

If you work from home, or your business is too small for its own dedicated space, you may want to consider sharing a physical office with other businesses.

You’ll get access to meeting rooms and conference rooms, and it will look good on your company’s website.

You won’t have to deal with any of the following:

  • Utilities When you rent a virtual office, your landlord typically   takes care of all utility costs.
  • Property maintenance Your landlord will be responsible for keeping up the building where your virtual office is located in good condition, so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking down or needing repairs while using it.
  • Office supplies– An office needs office supplies to run smoothly, such as printing paper, pens, envelopes and more. By renting a virtual office allowing you to work from there, you’ll never have to worry about buying office supplies again as they are mostly provided for free.

A virtual office can boost your business image

A virtual office can help you build a professional image to get more business, attract more clients and impress people.

This is because it shows an established business without all the trouble or expense of renting a space for yourself.

Choosing a virtual office in a good location, people will assume you do business from there.

Also,  offers you a business address and a phone number so that your customers know where they can contact you when they need something from you.

A virtual office can increase your productivity and save you time

It can be incredibly challenging for some to work effectively in a busy office. There are always meetings, phone calls and emails that need to be answered.

But with a virtual office, you’ll be able to focus on the things that matter without having to deal with the distractions of an office environment. The good thing is that you can work from home and not waste time travelling from home to work and vice versa. 

These are just some of the ways that a virtual office can benefit your business.

At JOIST Innovation Park you can find virtual offices and tax residences  at affordable prices for all your needs as freelancers and entrepreneurs.

If you’re interested in renting a virtual office,  contact us today.  We’ll walk you through what it takes to get started and answer all your questions.